Rob’s Road to Success

robs-road-to-successRob Hoffman is a long term trader whose story began at the ripe old age of 15, as an entrepreneurial teen looking for a legal way to make money. While some kids start lemonade stands, or pick up a paper-route, Rob had bigger things in mind. He took his desire for financial success down to the local branch of the public library where he checked out several books about trading and investing. From the first book, he was hooked on the markets. Rob then spent the next six years reading everything he could get his hands on, related to the markets. He would even spend time hand drawing and marking up charts.

During that time, Rob attempted to join the military so he could follow in his father’s footsteps as a military officer. However, he quickly learned that due to his severe astigmatism in both eyes he was ineligible from joining the military. Not one to give up, Rob pursued another paramilitary organization, and became active in law enforcement. After all, he had learned that when it comes to the markets, one needs to have a little seed money to get started.

In his early to mid-twenties, Rob found himself working three different law enforcement jobs at the same time in order to pursue his passion for trading. His primary job was with the local police department where he worked the night shift. Rob also worked full time on the over-night shift for the County Sheriff’s department and picked up all of the court over-time duty he could get during the day. It was here that Rob was able to get the financial fuel he needed to begin pursuing his passion of trading.

Over time, Rob eventually left the full time Sheriff’s department and court-overtime positions while keeping his part-time patrol job so he would still have a side income. This not only provided Rob with some additional income, but it also helped keep him in a more positive and better psychological frame of mind to trade. Eventually, Rob left the part-time patrol job to live his dream as a full time trader.

While making his passion a profession, and being able to “live the dream” has been an adventure, Rob often tells his Live Trading Room students, “I didn’t have a Rob Hoffman to help me when I was learning the markets. I struggled through the ups and downs and tough lessons that so many traders experience. This is just one of the reasons I have become so involved in helping others learn to trade.”