Rob's Numerous Awards

Very few traders are willing to trade live in front of an audience. Fewer are willing to challenge another trader to a contest. Rob Hoffman is that rare Award-Winning trader who does it all and had won numerous live real money only trading competitions around the world. He trades his live accounts in front of huge audiences, both in person and online, internationally and domestically.

Some Traders Speculate And Theorize. Rob Hoffman Takes Action And Wins

Rob Hoffman is an International Trading Champion. All of us here at couldn't be more proud. From his team to his students, these victories are a celebration for us all. Not just because he wins, although that certainly is a reason to celebrate. But we are proud of Rob because he wins using the very same tactics, tools, and strategies that he teaches his students. In fact, many of our students champion Rob's victories more than we do.

Three-Time International Trading Champion!
The Salon Du Trading is a 16-trader single elimination competition held in Paris, France. The traders are hand selected from around the world and consist of other traders, like Rob, as well as larger CTA and hedge fund managers. The competition hours extend from 3:00 a.m. ET - 2:45 p.m. ET. Each of the competitors is required to begin the competition with a verified 50,000 Euro Live Trading Account. There are several judges who regulate the competition by verifying each trade as it is taken. Due to the length of time and number of competitors involved, this is a top-tier international trading event that not only tests the validity of the traders' strategies but also their mental stamina. To win this competition once against such top talent from around the world is a fantastic feat in of itself. To return three years in a row and win such a grueling competition against the best is almost unimaginable. These three trading competitions alone clearly demonstrate why Rob is one of the top traders in the world.
Eleven-Time International Traders Expo Champion
In these exciting sessions, Rob went head-to-head with another trader to see who makes the most in 75 minutes of real-time trading. Competitors describe their unique trading styles and approaches, giving attendees a firsthand opportunity to see how those approaches and secrets measure up against actual market conditions. With a front row seat, registered attendees watched on as these two traders put real money on the line and challenged both the markets and each other in an event that is always a highlight of this Traders Expo!

Would you have made the same choices and decisions?

  • How would your performance have measured up against these traders?
  • If you've ever wanted to spend some time looking over the shoulder of a real trader, this is your chance!
Winner of Infinity Future's First Annual Live Trading Challenge.
Rob squared off against traders, from around the country, in this single elimination, winner take all tournament. Contestants traded their real Infinity AT account with real money. Rob's opponents included several well known opponents: Hubert Senters, Colin Archuleta, Markus Heitkoetter, Gavin Holmes, John Carter, Tim Racette, and Brian Rehler.
The Top of the Top Duels
The Top of the Top Duels is a famous international competition hosted in Rimini, Italy. It involves several top traders from around the world representing their countries for the chance to win the coveted award. In a unique twist in this competition, top traders spend months competing against hundreds of other top traders for a chance to win one of the top four spots and the privilege to trade against four of the best traders in the world like Rob Hoffman and Davide Biocchi who are hand- picked based on their status as well-known traders. This is an all day trading event with several rounds of competition testing traders in fast, slow and sideways market conditions in both the European and US markets.
Rob's Winnings Are A Win
For Us All!
While Rob openly shares his wins and losses, he doesn't actively brag or boast about the true experience of mentoring with him at Become A Better Trader. No, that's something you often have to experience for yourself. Rob started Become A Better Trader because he is an avid student himself. He is constantly learning, and is a passionate trader and educator. Rob takes his student's education very seriously, often speaking with them one on one, at all hours of the day and night. He wants you to be successful. So these wins are merely a testament, and solid evidence to support, that Rob's methods work. The very same strategies he uses every single day to trade his own accounts are the ones he shares with his students in his Free and Premium Nightly Video Newsletters, in the Live Trading Room, and in his home when privately mentoring students.

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