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With a Become a Better Trader membership, you’ll have access to all the tools and resources you need to trade like a champion!

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Premium Daily Videos Membership

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Live Trading Room Membership

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Annual Live Trading Room Membership

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BBT Premium Day Trading Video -Reviews key must-know trading concepts and strategies used in the Live Trading Room each day along with what Rob is looking at for the next day’s trading.
BBT Premium Swing Trading Video -Receive a more in-depth look at the markets primarily geared towards Stocks, Commodities, Options and ETFs. See how these strategies can be used across all markets.
BBT Trade Alerts -These are alerts sent to trader’s phones and email that highlight key intraday and swing trade opportunities that Rob is looking at and are gear toward stocks, futures, options and ETFs.
Special Student Trade Review Videos -See live examples of how students are using Rob’s work in their daily trading. Expert review and commentary by Rob himself.
Video Newsletter Archives -Provides the perfect opportunity to go back and watch any of the past Day & Swing Trading Videos.
Members Only Access to Rob -Direct pipeline to veteran traders. Post important questions and have Rob & Randy respond through the nightly videos.
Members Only Download Library -Includes previous archives of webinars, bonus mini-courses as well as trading tool downloads.
Monthly Q&A Webinars -Private webinar for members only hosted by Rob Hoffman. May include special guest speakers. Each webinar is recorded and available in your private member area.
Daily Access To The Live Trading Room With Rob Hoffman -Watch over Rob’s shoulder as he executes live trades in his live, real money account.
Access To Special Event Archives -Get instant access to past webinars and special event videos.
In-depth Trading Education On Rob's Championship-winning Set-ups And Strategies -Learn to use the very same set-ups and strategies Rob used to become an International Trading Champion.
Special Member Discounts -Instant Members Only discounts on many different products.
Bonus Quarterly Q&A Sessions -Sessions are available to VIP & Elite Members only. During these sessions Rob reviews advanced strategies and private trading tactics reserved for VIP & Elite Members only!
Special VIP Discounts -Hand-picked discounts only for our VIP members.
Special Elite/VIP Support Line -Reserved for our Elite & VIP Members only that gets you first priority with our support staff.

Elite Membership

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Everything included in the Premium Newsletter Membership, Live Trading Room Membership, Annual Trading Room Membership and:

Special Elite Members Only Q&A Webinars held every-other month (6 times annually) where Rob shares advanced strategies and private trading tactics and mentoring strategy refreshers.