Trade Like A Champion Bootcamp Program

Learn How You, A Regular Trader, Can Beat The Market With A Few Specific Techniques And Get Started Trading Like a Champion NOW

Discover real-world, relevant, actionable trading strategies from two champion traders who are winning competitions right now!

Trade Like A Champion Bootcamp & Mentoring Program
With Rob Hoffman and Davide Biocchi

In This Epic Trading Event You Will Learn:

    • Real and proven trading strategies that you can use to become a better trader right now.
    • The exact techniques that Rob and Davide use to win trading competitions and how those strategies can be used to grow a small account into a big one for real.
    • Discover the key tools needed for developing an institutional mindset so you can trade with confidence knowing when to get in to the market and how to avoid retail trader mistakes.
    • Specific parameters and checklists for trading including instruments to trade, trading times, account setup and management, trading discipline, setups, entry and exit points and stops
    • Actionable, proven, and award-winning techniques that Rob and Davide use in the European trading session and the US session and that you can easily replicate in your trading so that no matter where you are in the world, you can make the market work for you.

Trade Like A Champion Bootcamp Program

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Member Price $1,997.00