The Become A Better Trader Complete Jump-Start Package

Dive Into The Become A Better Trader Complete Jump-Start Package And You’ll Turn Frustration Into Success

Introducing The Comprehensive Trading Course That Gives You An Entirely New Perspective On Successful Trading

Fire up this step-by-step video training on your screen and you’ll discover...

  • How you can identify multiple trade signals and increase the probability of success in a potential trade.
  • Key strategies to help you think more like an institutional trader (and avoid the mistakes that most traders make)
  • Rob's favorite tools for day trading and swing trading and how to incorporate them in your trading.

...and much, much more.  


Rob's Real Way To Trade Jump-start Course With 5 Favorite Setups

5 Key Trading Strategies Exposed And Explained
  1. Institutional Inventory Retracement Bar Trades
  2. Stochastic Spike Trades
  3. Half Spike Trades
  4. Fast Speed-line Trades
  5. Slow Speed-line Trades
Do you see how specific all this is?
Rob will give you examples for each key strategy.
And step-by-step instructions and live trade videos on each to help you implement each one into your own approach to day trading swing trading.
You will discover...
  • What the setup is
  • When to use it
  • Key requirements
  • How to know your best entry
  • How to know your best exit
  • How to determine your best stop
Remember... this comprehensive course is much more than a collection of the essential setups every award-winning trader must know.
You also get the perspective of a twenty-three time trading champion.
And as an added bonus, Rob is going to provide you with four essential tools to get you started on the path to better trading.

1.  Starter Package of Indicators

Get this collection of custom indicators, and you’ll be starting with an excellent foundations for becoming a better trader. 

  • RSI Stochastic Indicator.   Is the market oversold or undersold?  Use the RSI Stochastic for the spike and half spike setups Rob monitors to identify his setup.
  • Volume Indicator.  When you can track liquidity Rob's way, you’re in a stronger position to spot high probability trades... both entries and exits created by shifts in volume.  (A great way to make sure you’re not last in.) 
  • Speed Lines.  These are your early warning signals, a first tier of support and resistance, and one of Rob's most trusted tools.  They’re the same speed-lines Rob depends on to identify levels to rise above or bounce off of. The indicator is great for the small lot trader who wants to gauge the perfect size for a trade.
  • Moving Averages.  Give yourself the advantage of gauging trends... one of the keys to taking good trades.  The special coloring that’s consistent with other data makes these indicators easy to interpret, and to take action on.

This indicator package is perfect for trading stocks, options, futures and FOREX and provides all the indicators you need to master the setups in Rob's “Real Way To Trade Jump-start Course With 5 Favorite Setups.”

And it’s 100% compatible with Tradestation, eSignal, Sierra Charts, TOS and Ninja Trader.

2. The Become A Better Trader “Building a Better Trading Plan" Workbook

Follow this step-by-step plan, and you’ll instantly give yourself an edge over other traders.  Even if you have a trading plan now, This workbook will show you how to revisit your principles to add new power, new effectiveness, and new ways to identify opportunities for profitable trades.

 3. The Become A Better Trader Trading Journal

Accomplished traders always keep a journal.  It’s a key part of a pro’s methodology.  Discover the best way to set up your journal, exactly what to track, and how to use this information to strengthen your trading skills.

4. The Become A Better Trader Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

What to do before, during, and after technology trouble hits.  (It might seem straightforward, but there’s a simple phone call you need to make that can save you a lot a money.) Use this checklist to make sure you know what you need to handle a technology disaster.

The Become A Better Trader Complete Jump-Start Package

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