Rob’s 6 Day 21 Set-up Course

This comprehensive video series compiles the work of Champion Trader Rob Hoffman over the course of 6 intensive days of trading. Join Rob as he meticulously explains his 21 favorite setups, his optimum entries and exits for each setup, and possible variations of setups taking into account market conditions and other important factors.

With numerous intraday and swing trade examples of each setup, this video series is a must-have for anyone interested in learning the methods of Championship Winning Trader and Educator Rob Hoffman.
This video is the cornerstone for a great foundation in trading.

Topics and Tips Covered

What the Momentum and Trigger Indicators Are
Crossover Strategies and Opportunities Between Swing & Intraday Trading
Conservative “No Trade” Times
Key Concepts in Consistent and High Probability Trading
“Stretch”, and Backups
Fish Hook
Crooked Finger
Max Range Extension
Stochastic Setups
M Pattern Sells
W Pattern Buys
Full Spikes
Half Spikes
Hockey Sticks
Speed-line Continuation Trades
Pullback to the Fast Speed-line
Pullback to the Slow Speed-line
Pullback Only (Without Condition)
Trend Resumption
Go With
Trading Key Reversals W/Trend
Trading Key Reversals W/Breakout
Pivot Bounce and Resumption Plays
SLST (SLC with Stoch Spike)
Fast Trigger Trades
Hidden Buys and Sells

Rob’s 6 Day 21 Set-up Course

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