Institutional Trader Package of Indicators(ITP)

The Institutional Trader Pro simplifies trading analysis and can help you identify winning trades at a glance on one chart. This powerful software combines cutting edge scanners, indicators, and strategies into a seamless trading tool that is as close as you can get to having Rob trade for you.

The ITP works with any time frame, any instrument and in any market conditions. In Rob’s own words, “Every single gain I’ve had of $5,000 or more has been a direct result of trading with these indicators. They are the best chance I know of to take a struggling trader and put them on the path of minimizing losses and maximizing wins.”

The Institutional Trader Pro includes:

Rob's Personal Trading Indicators*

  • Rob Hoffman Acceleration Alerts Indicator
  • Rob Hoffman Momentum Flags
  • Rob Hoffman Momentum Trends
  • Rob Hoffman MSR
  • Rob Hoffman Trigger
  • Rob Hoffman Oscillators EX
  • Rob Hoffman Pro SignalBars
  • Rob Hoffman ProRT Signals
  • Rob Hoffman RTI Indicator
  • Rob Hoffman CS Signals

Rob's Personal Alerts/Watchlists*

  • Rob Hoffman Alert
  • Rob Hoffman Action
  • Rob Hoffman Throttle
  • Rob Hoffman Ultimate

* Please reach out to us to discuss which scanners and watchlists are available on your trading platform

Institutional Trader Package of Indicators(ITP)

Our Price $7997.00