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“I wanted to let you know that I was listening last night and took that trade on TSLA that you suggested. When the stock traded down to 209 this morning I waited for it to retrace back to 212-213 and then sold the May 2 $230 call. It did just what you predicted it would do and rolled right over and has been in a downward trajectory ever since. Yay! Have my stop loss in so I keep adjusting as the stock heads lower. Right now I have a 13% profit and if it continues to go down it will only get better.
I also want you to know that your video the previous evening where you talked about the 2 to the 2 worked for me yesterday morning. I was watching to see if RUT and the Nasdaq would get above the speedlines early in the trading day and it wasn’t happening so I didn’t place any trades with the exception of selling a couple of UVXY puts. That was obviously the right move.

I’m sharing this with you because I so much appreciate the phenomenal teaching program that you have and it’s exciting to see how your trading methodology works and how successful it can be once one figures out how to read the charts aided by your excellent mentorship.

I will most likely join the options trading program soon. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have found you (Thanks to my Dad!) and look forward to many more successful trades with you this year and in the coming years. ”

Catherine C.

“Just wanted you to know that your efforts in putting together the nightly videos is immensely appreciated. I use them as my sanity check to keep me on an even keel. With my busy schedule I am unable to sit in front of the computer every morning, as I used to in the live trading room, so this is extremely valuable to me to update me and make sure I am thinking through all the issues and criteria needed to make a smart trade. I put a high value on the nightly day-trading video for the concepts it teaches as well as reminds me to consider. And, I put a high value on the nightly swing trading videos to remind me of the risks involved in not considering all the criteria needed to make a solid swing trade. Thank you for your diligence in getting these out every night.”

Angela S.

“I would like to thank you for the great swing trade and day trading newsletters. They are an integral part of my trading plan. They are always issued early in the day so that I can focus my attention on the best trades for the following day or for overnight trading. This saves me hours of research and more importantly it is extremely accurate.”

Susan T.

“I really appreciate the effort & production you & your staff at Become a Better Trader do every afternoon for the nightly videos. They are a great review of what we worked on that day in the trading room and I can update my notes from that day. It is really beneficial on days that I have to miss the trading room.

Thank you again for the great education & service that you & BABT provide us. It is hard to believe that I will have been in your trading room 2 years this fall & I hope for many more years.”

Alvin M.

“Just a quick note to let you know how valuable the nightly videos have been for us. We find they are a very effective re-cap of the day’s trading by re-emphasizing the day’s educational points. Similarly, the same videos offer very intelligent alerts to the following day’s trading opportunities.”

Brian H.

“The nightly videos are a very integral part of my trading plan. They help me to prepare and focus on the next trading day. Thank you for including it as part of the [Live Trading Room].”

Curt M.

“What’s great about the daily videos is that they not only talk about what they are looking at but why they are looking at a particular movement. The videos provide either a good review of a particular move or a plan for a potential future move. They provide a great short and quick daily learning opportunity for either futures or swing traders. Great way to reinforce the daily trading room. Thanks for providing them!”

Donald L.

“No matter how you slice & dice it, trading full time from my home office vs. an Institutional trading floor can be lonely, no one to share the emotional high’s & low’s.

Your evening video’s help bridge that gap for me, real people, real current & relevant market insights and info, please keep up the good work!”

Robert M.

“Just wanted to let you know that your videos, both daily and swing, are excellent. Great analysis to preserve capital. Also with these videos have helped me have the best month ever in May. I find your analysis extremely important. Thank you so much for everything you do and please thank everyone in the office for being so professional and fast to help when needed!!”

Bruce P.

“I’ve been a member of the live trading room for almost a year. Included with the trading room are the day trading and swing trading videos. Being in the live trading room is a tremendous learning experience on its own merit; however, the reinforcement of repetition of timely training in the nightly videos is without equal. I also have to travel quite often, and even though I miss the live trading room at time, I still have the opportunity to review the videos, staying current in the learning loop.

I really appreciate the time, effort, and sincerity that Rob and his staff continue to place in producing a top of the line trading education product.”

Edward W.

“I find the day trading nightly videos useful in helping me align my analysis with what Rob is thinking. He either confirms my thoughts OR shows me where I was going wrong. Watch them every day before I start my trading.”

Tom F.

“I trade Futures, Options, and Stocks daily. I would not set foot into the markets without watching Rob’s nightly futures and swing videos. It is the only place that I can find clear, concise, unbiased, and trustworthy daily and swing trading strategy and tactics. You will be blindsided by the markets without them.”

John N.

“I want to thanks you for the great Swing trading videos and day trading videos, they are great education videos and I need those videos big time to become a better trader. Keep up the good work.”

Alain G.

“The nightly videos Rob produces at the end of the trading day are a priceless tool to my daily and weekly success and reinforce the sounds principles and practices that have made me a successful trader. Each night the videos put me right in tune with the next day’s movements. A tool in my trading bag that I would not want to be without!”

Steve M.

“I just wanted to say how important the nightly videos are to me, they are a vital tool I use to get me into the correct mind set for the day’s trading, they are also very good for identifying potential areas of support and resistance. They are an excellent way of continuing my trading education.”

Ian T.

“I rely on [the nightly day and swing trading videos]. Its part of my nightly routine and I look forward to them to help me formulate and/or solidify my thinking of the market. I actually go through the markets before listening to the videos to see if Rob’s take and mine concur. If they do then I feel good, if not then I review what he’s said to see what our differences are. Usually I revert to his thinking based upon his explanation. Bottom line: They are an integral part of my market analysis and invaluable to me. They have also proved to be profitable – a $300 profit per contract the other day in gold.

p.s. His free videos are the reason I joined the room (i.e. he was so accurate in them) even though I said I’d never pay for any body’s opinion again.”

Guy L.

“As you are aware I have been with you for over three and half years now. Thank you for all your very hard work & dedication to my learning.

As we moved along this journey of trading career a lot of improvements have been made – major and minor ones.

I would personally say these Nightly videos for students is a major positive step.

It covers options & stocks along with futures instruments. Short and concise and to the point. These are a must for everyone no matter level of expertise they have – novice or hedge fund trader.

Finally student videos recording their own trades & review if these is another major tool which no other professional offers. These show what you did right or wrong and what you did not do!

Thank you once again & my best wishes always.”

Simon G.

“I can’t express enough how valuable the daily day trading and swing trading videos have been for me. My understanding of market action and trade entry and exit levels has grown exponentially! As a result I am taking far less heat on my trades and become not only more profitable, but a much more calm trader! Thanks Rob!!”

Barry S.


“The nightly videos give me a daily summary of the market and its direction. It even gets better with the swing and option videos where I can focus on selected stocks setup and entries for a swing or option trade. Thanks BBT, Rob and Randy for the nightly videos.”

Sam H.

“Rob – Your nightly day trading and swing trading videos are a valuable part of your program. They provide a review of the lesson learned that day to reinforce the important points covered and then a preview of what might happen the following day. It is quite helpful for me to look at the morning charts and form an analysis on my own and then to compare this to your morning review of the various instruments. I look forward to the day that I can score 100 percent in my evaluations! Keep up the good work.”

Odus L.

“I want to thank Rob and Randy for their hard work in putting together the nightly swing trade and nightly premium videos. Sometimes I may miss a learning moment in the trading room, but I get those “AHA” moments when I view the nightly videos. The trading courses and the trading room are the best in the industry. The nightly videos are like the sauces at a world class restaurant. They make everything taste better and fill in those learning gaps that we all have. I cannot close this testimonial without also mentioning the two hard working Angels at Become a Better Trader-Sarah and Tanya. They both provide great customer service.”

Ron B.

“Everybody remembers that wonderful teacher who opened up your young eager mind. Rob Hoffman provides this for the eager trading mind. With his consistency and persistence he breaks old bad habits and helps develop new ones. The daily videos are a great tool to start developing a real trader mindset.”

Josiane C.

“Rob, I’m in the live trading room with you in the mornings but it’s not until I look at the nightly videos do I realize that I didn’t “catch” everything during the session. These nuggets are a great help to me. I also find that Randy’s videos are great teaching moments because of his explanations of why he takes trades using your many indicators. These real-world examples help me put things together. My confidence is building every time I see the fruits of your work.”

Edward G.

“Just wanted to send a big thanks for your nightly videos …couldn’t live without them. There are 20-some unique setups in the BBT library and I couldn’t possibly keep up with the many different ways these setups are used. For me the videos serve as a refresher and a way to keep those setups active in my mind. I send you a big THANKS!”

Mark T.

“Robs Nightly Videos is the best tool I have ever seen to consistently keep you on the right side of things since he has no bias up or down. This ties in well with all witch he teaches witch is how to trade in a safe and reliable way. Spending time hearing Rob each day is a wise investment of your time.”

Christos C.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your nightly video newsletter. Not only has it showed me the good setups, but helped me avoid the bad ones. Look forward to it each evening. Thanks”

Ed W.

“Please know how helpful your nightly videos are. Both of you carefully and articulately review your trading ideas in an understandable way, even for this old geezer. I especially like to go through the instruments prior to watching the videos to see if my thinking is in harmony with yours and, if not, get my mind right before the overnight session and trading the next day.

Thanks for all the extra effort you both put in for us.”

Bob B.

“We use the nightly newsletter as a heads up for what to expect the next day, keep up the great commentary we truly appreciate it!”

Robert B.

“The nightly newsletters are a key part of my daily trading plan. I use them to reinforce the key learning lessons of the prior day. They provide me with my strategic analysis for the next day’s trading. I derive my key entry strategy watch list from these videos.

The option and swing video gives me solid trade ideas for position trades in my swing and longer term portfolios.

The newsletters are core tools in my daily trading plan.”

Frank C.

“The nightly video newsletters are very helpful by laying out the plan for the next business day across a variety of trading entities as they relate to the futures and to the options not only the next business day plan, but also the optional ETF’s that Randy identifies, which allow in some instances a reverse equity trade that can be done through your retirement accounts that cannot be done on some platforms.

But the real value of the video newsletters, in my opinion, lies in the review of what went on in the trading room. It is an excellent way to get a concise version of your trade setups in a quick, easy to understand, layout. These can then be viewed over and over again as a great review or refresher. Additionally, we can’t all be in the trading room all the time every day and the nightly video allows a wonderful review of what was discussed.”

Greg M.

“Roadmap. roadmap, roadmap! It is easy to lose your way as a trader, with the proliferation of internet gurus offering advice, or just from the maze of indicators and setups available in the market. Rob and Randy give an overview every night that ties it all together so you can know what to expect the next morning before the market even opens.

I jot down some possible setups (breakouts, or reversion trades etc.) that might present themselves the following day, and then look at the pre-market to see if they materialize one of the biggest benefits is that Rob’s indicator sets and commentary can keep you OUT of a lot of trades that might look tempting, but lead to quick losses. You won’t find a trading service out there that cares as much about your trading success as Rob and Randy do.”

John R.

“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy the nightly Day and Swing videos that Rob, Randy and team put together each week.

I am amazed at the quality of content and the value I get from viewing them each evening. It is beyond anything I have found anywhere. After watching each video I see when and why to enter a trade in a way that will give me the best odds of being profitable on a daily basis. I now have a compass in the videos to keep me from losing myself in the daily market noise and stay on the right side of the price action. I feel very lucky to have found such a great and caring teacher in Rob. He is the real thing! Thanks to you and your support staff you are awesome.”

Robert H.

“Rob, I want to thank you so very much for the nightly news letters. They help in two important ways, first is that you go over and explain important teaching moments that I may have missed during the live trading room, when they are in the nightly news letter I have the opportunity to review them until I fully understand that trade that was made which is very important to me. Second is the fact that you go over what you are expecting the market to do in the overnight trading and early morning time frame. Many times I wake up way too early in the morning and if then I opt to trade I am not so nervous in looking and making a trade because I have an idea what to expect. Many thanks for who you are (my trading mentor) always there when I need you in the trading world.”

Marcia M.

“The nightly day and swing trading videos keep me on track for when Rob and Randy are not there live to provide their trading guidance. They not only help keep me on the right side of the trade and out of trouble when looking for trade setups on my own, but they also provide the in depth analysis of the markets and education I need to help along my learning process as I continue to become a better trader. Often, I take overnight trades and receiving the newsletters prior to the evening session is very helpful in putting me ahead of the game and saving me review time prior to the sessions open. I am able to use the videos on a nightly basis to review the setups and trades of the day, as well as the next setups and trades to look for tomorrow. I hope this helps anyone considering the newsletters, as I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add that “edge” to their trading as well as helping to improve their market education.”

Bruce C.

“Just to say that the day trading and swing trading videos are a must of the serious trader, particularly so if you trade the European market pre-US hours. Rob regularly gives you the levels of resistance/support for various instruments, the preferred direction of trade hoping the market moves that way and sets targets. An added bonus is the reiteration of the day’s live trading room teaching points, both the successful trade setups taken and also the market action to avoid, thereby saving one’s capital. Market analysis is what it is all about!

Rob and Randy do a great job in analyzing stocks and other markets in the swing trading video, showing how they interpret the charts and point out trades, both the entries and targets. Over time, one learns to see the same analysis oneself thereby improving one’s confidence in how the market is likely to act. Then some great setups can be traded. Furthermore, I have found that points raised by the video examples often show what I had missed on the charts. In future, I hope to use this training to trade options in a regular basis.”

Godfrey C.

“Rob, just want to thank you for those nightly videos. I find your insight of key support and resistance levels of the major markets most helpful when trading. Gold and Crude oil in the pre U.S. open. Finding one of your breakout trades during these hours can just make my day! Thanks again.”

Gary B.

“The three daily newsletters provide quality trading education and timely, actionable market analysis. The newsletters are consistently delivered near the open of the evening futures session, which provides a perfect start to my nightly trading. The analysis is extremely helpful and actionable to the point where I often pause the video to document the specific strategy and set trading alerts. Thanks for all the help!”

Dave D.

“Rob and Randy, just wanted to tell you how much I value your nightly videos. Rob, your free videos usually have more useful information than what other companies charge for their premium and costly videos. I make it a point never to miss any of the 3 videos each evening and take notes on all three since I may learn something that I missed in the live trading room. Although I don’t trade options, I do appreciate Randy’s thorough analysis of different stocks because it reinforces what I’ve learned in the trading room and the private mentoring. Both of your methodologies as far as technical analysis is concerned are very similar unlike videos from other companies where a couple people may put out their nightly videos with totally different trading approaches which makes it too confusing to know which one to follow. Subscribing to your premium videos is a small price to pay to learn concepts that can’t be learned any place else besides your live trading room.”

Alan C.

“As one of your traders who is involved in a second job away from home, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the free, daily, and swing trading videos each day. They are so helpful in keeping me up-to-date with the trading day so I don’t feel “left behind” the next time I get to trade. They are always filled with great insights that help me stay informed and focus on my plan for trading the next day as well as giving me a good review of key trading concepts that I may have forgotten.

Thanks so much for the extra effort to help your trading family stay on course to becoming better traders.”

Jerry B.

“The daily videos that Rob and Randy do at the end of the day are priceless for trading key support and resistance levels. If you trade in the early evening hours or overnight they are a must have. They are also very insightful to the next day for pre-market hours. I would highly recommend the videos for any active trader.”

Lance J.

“I cannot imagine beginning a trading day without the expert analysis and quality instruction provided by Rob in his daily newsletter videos. His superior teaching ability and willingness to share his many, many years of market experience make these videos priceless. He is the only reason I trade successfully.”

Denise M.

“I have found the swing trading video to be extremely helpful to my trading plan. Utilizing Rob’s technical indicators are a crucial element to swing trading stocks. In the nightly videos, the current day’s trades, as well as upcoming strategies and trends are reviewed. Also, a number of member questions are answered in the video. I, also, appreciate that the information is covered in a brief and efficient manner. I look forward to reviewing the video content each evening.”

Donna D.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the quality of trading information provided by the Become a Better Trader team. Ever since I joined the family of students, my learning curve has been constantly on an ascending trend, my trading decisions have been made with confidence and the guessing or emotions have been eliminated from my trading vocabulary. I wish I have met Rob a long time ago. Thank you for the time you and your team take from your daily routine to teach me and others the proper tools to trade.”

Razvan C.

“The combination of the daily and swing videos provide key highlights from the trading day, “nuggets” of education from a professional trader’s perspective, and key insights into potential upcoming trades from both daily and swing positions. They are a great source of real trading insight for a good value to assist you in your journey of becoming a better trader.”

Angela G.

“After joining the Become A Better Trader Room this spring, my trading education was propelled light years ahead through Rob’s Professional Trader Development Course Videos in addition to daily trade room education. As my learning curve eased a bit, I added the Free-Day-Swing Videos regularly to the daily routine. Wow! Wish I had added these earlier, but I could absorb only a limited amount of information into my brain as time progressed.

The Free-Day-Swing videos provide a bird’s eye view of the best of the best components on any given trading day……just like looking over Rob and Randy’s shoulder. Critical key concepts are described in slow motion so I can review multiple times. Often the ‘a ha’ moment doesn’t occur until later that day when my brain is more receptive to learning, besides needing constant repetition. The bonus is when you both present concepts and analogies in different market situations, and on different instruments. It’s an intensive teaching approach for you both, but for us traders it sure helps hearing explanations presented through various approaches so we are guaranteed an opportunity to learn at some stage. Now that I must return to full-time employment, these videos will be my lifesaving device. Losing the day trade room will be devastating, but the comfort zone will be looking forward to the nightly videos as my continued guide as I shift my trading hours in the months ahead. Thank you Rob and Randy for the immense commitment invested in the preparation of these videos. I have yet to experience instructors this committed in any other walk of life. I now understand why you call your room a ‘family of traders’!!”

Candace D.

“As a trading room member I rely on the evening newsletter to solidify all the great education Rob does during the day and since I still have another job the newsletter is great for the education I missed when I am unable to attend the live room.”

Joe M.

“The nightly videos have been critical for me consolidating my learning experience since joining BBT. They have been extremely important for my experience of evolving with the markets and personal improvements.”

Sheryl C.

“I use the nightly videos to help me plan for the next day’s trading or if I intend to look at the markets overnight – it gives me the key levels to look for. Also being a part time trading – many times I am unable to be in the live chat room all the time. I know each night the Day Trading video will have the key learning points not just trades from that day’s trading. Another great benefit is the BBT Pro Series Archive. If a key concept is mentioned in the BBT Day Trading video that I need to brush up on, I can usually find a video in the Archive on the subject. Best of all – you can go back and watch all the videos as many times as you want to make sure you understand the concept.”

Jeff S.

“I find the video newsletters are very valuable, as I am one of the members in the room with a “second career.” There are times when I simply cannot attend the morning sessions, so Rob’s videos provide a concise, but thorough review of the keys points of the morning trading session. Randy’s Swing Trading videos have been an excellent reinforcement of the Options course.”

Dave B.

“I listen to the nightly videos as soon as they are released. I then re-listen to them, when I get home, so that I can mark up my charts for the evening. I don’t often trade in the evenings but I do like to keep an eye on the charts in case there’s some movement. Rob’s videos prepare me with levels to watch in these situations. By watching Rob’s videos and reviewing the charts, it also helps me to be better prepared for the next morning’s trades. This service is incredibly valuable and much appreciated.”

Mike H.

“Daily News Letters/E-mails from Rob Hoffman are indispensable for my trading and they give me a heads up on the direction of the market. Each one contains multiple lessons on multiple markets. Just the best information and training out there today!”

Douglas W.

“I am amazed at the quality of content and the value I get from viewing [the Nightly Day and Swing Trade videos] each evening. It is beyond anything I have found anywhere. After watching each video I see when and why to enter a trade in a way that will give me the best odds of being Profitable on a daily basis. I now have a compass in the videos to keep me from losing myself in the daily market noise and stay on the right side of the price action. I feel very lucky to have found such a great and caring teacher in Rob. He is the real thing! Thanks to you and your support staff you are awesome.”

Robert H.

“The video newsletters from Rob Hoffman and Randy Jacques have been extremely helpful to me.

They are based on actual trades done by Rob and Randy, not just back-traded theoretical simulated trades, as is the case with all other so-called “experts”. Rob and Randy put their own hard-earned money at risk, and they are in the real-time hand-to-hand combat trenches with us, every battle of every trade of every day.

Both Rob and Randy really care about those whom they are instructing. They have tremendous empathy and sensitivity for the best interests of their students and they produce fantastic results.

Rob’s crush trade in crude oil today, for example, was a work of art. He executed the trade with complete transparency in perfect accordance with the principles and guidelines which were specifically denoted and detailed in his tutorial crush trade video. He walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk as is the case all the others.

Thanks so much Rob and Randy, not just for the great instruction and the great trading results. Thanks for caring and for making a difference in our lives.”

Jerry S.

“Becoming a successful trader is a long and arduous journey. The path is cluttered with people who will promise a lot and deliver very little. Rob’s only promise to me was that he would teach me to become a better trader. He has said many times the best way to build an account is by making small and consistent profits. He accomplishes this through his live trading room and newsletters. The information that he presents in his nightly video newsletter service is a tremendous asset to me. The analysis that he provides on the markets helps me prepare for the next day trading as well as for longer positions. I especially like his intensive no-nonsense approach to trading. If you’re looking for a quick get rich scheme, look elsewhere. If you want to learn something that works stick around! Thanks Rob, I am now making small and consistent profits.”

Mike F.

“I just wanted to thank you for your daily videos about the various markets. I have been trading since 1975 and have gone to Investools to learn how to trade. You are an unusual asset to the trading community with free nightly videos, and your webinars. So not to give you a “Swelled Head”, but I have seen a lot of people claim that they know what they’re doing, trying to sell this and that you on the other hand have obviously reached the pinnacle of human behavior reaching self-actualization, and truly do know how to trade the markets.”

Ron S.