Live Trading Room Testimonials

We are delighted that our subscribers have shared their experiences with us. Be sure to read the important disclosure below also.

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“I just wanted to thank you so much for teaching me so well!!!!! I have taken many courses from divergent traders, and you are the only consistent trader I have EVER found. Not only are you a great trader, but you are THE BEST TEACHER I HAVE EVER HAD!And coming from a person who has been trading since 1975, what I am saying should have considerable merit.

Again, thank you so much Rob for making my trading so much better now that I know the correct way to trade!”

Ron S.

“I have been in the room every day possible for about six weeks. I stick around each day, with or without trades, till you sign off because, frankly, there is no voice more important to the student than that of experience and no substitute for experience. It seems in many traditional vocations these days there are far too few apprentices willing to patiently learn from the journeyman. Our current younger generation shows little willingness to ignore the tendency toward instant gratification – for an old fart like me, learning from you how best to retain my account dollars IS instant gratification.

By the way, I have transferred some of your room sessions onto my IPod Shuffle so that I can listen while running. Nothing wrong with addictions as long as they are healthy, right?

Thank you for all that you do. The opportunity you offer is very generous. The most important thing any of us has is his time and you, and your wife and staff, spend a great deal of yours assisting others. At my house, we are extremely grateful for Rob Hoffman.”

Brian H.

“After a highly successful career in accounting and consulting I retired and started trading to supplement my income. After spending a lot of money on training and the resulting losses I was ready to admit failure until I stumbled onto Rob. Rob not only has an in depth understanding of the markets and the uncanny ability to convey that understanding to the neophytes but also a strong sense of trader psychology which is the really most difficult part of trading. He communicates knowledge of the trades like the champion trader (which he is) alongside regular dishes of tough love of the former beat cop (which he was.) Even more impressive is his workaholic devotion to students and that is even exceeded by his stellar integrity. In the trading education world populated by burn and churn charlatans, Rob stands out for his knowledge, teaching skills, compassion, dedication and above all his honesty.

What has turned my trading life around is a simple question “What would Rob do?” I find myself asking that in not only in trading situations but as approach other areas of my life. I consider him not only a mentor and friend but one of the most influential persons I have known.”

Mickey D.

“I started with you around a year ago, left because I didn’t think I could afford your room fees. Well after blowing my account up 3-4 times I realized that your fees were cheap compared to blowing up accounts. I should have done as you said at first, put down the mouse and pick up the pen. Coming back the second time I’ve listened much more and by doing that I’ve preserved capital with your expert analysis. This has been a life saver for my small account. Last month was my best month in my live account so far. I keep learning and when I think I’ve really got it you come up with more that helps keep me out of trouble. I tell everyone that I know who needs help to go to your room if they want to succeed. Thanks for all your help, you’re really making a difference for me!”

Bruce P.

“I cannot express, enough, my gratitude and thanks for the passionately devoted mentoring and support that you provide to me, and your student family, on a daily basis. I have been studying trading through various education or mentor programs since most of my investment capital and savings were lost in the market crash. Although pretty upset at the time, I realized that it was my own fault for entrusting the management of my finances to someone else. It took a few years of diligent market study, failures, and frustration to admit that I still was not making the progress I had hoped for or expected.

I came across Rob’s trading room just when I was ready to give-up. I joined a few of his invite trading room events over a couple of months and knew, almost instantly, that this was the right place to be for me to learn. Something began to click through immersion into his room, and I could finally identify with the daily routine, concepts, application, discipline, patience, repetition, and Rob’s concerted explanations driving practice into understanding. Equipped with that knowledge, came higher confidence and self-esteem around trading, and diminished fear and reluctance to execute.

My life took an unexpected twist in 2011, as unforeseen events occurred, and I had to take a break from trading. When I did finally return this year, Rob, Sarah, and the growing BBT team greeted me like a returning lost family member. My practice account over the past few months reflects the recent successes and I am ready to go live again. As often as it can be heard humbly mentioned, Rob and the BBT team truly do “take care of student family first”, and I am forever grateful for all they have done, and continue to do!”

Edmund U.

“Well – from the perspective of a brand new, wanna be trader, who has, I’m sure, made every mistake in the book.

Your recommended Structure and Organization was just what my “Trading Business” needed. I now have a Trade Plan, a Trade Log, and an Equity Curve Plot (which is “finally” starting to look like a smiley face). You understand – emotionally, that’s HUGE), and BandiCam (to record every trade and keep me true to my plan because “You Can’t Hide from BandiCam!).

Your trading method got me started with higher probability trades, more conservative entries, an understanding of how to manage great trades for profit, and how to manage the risk in trades that start to fizzle (DO NOT let winners become losers!).

Now it’s up to me to make my business profitable.

Oh, and “Thanks” for keeping me out of a bad trade in the Trading Room this morning with your response to my question about a “possible short” (although it looked damned good on the short time frame charts!). With your help, I’ve lived to trade another day. Nothing is more valuable than that.”

Bill C.

“Thank you for your high level of integrity as a trading mentor and educator. Your pre-trade setup discussion with risk analysis and post-trade thorough analysis (win, lose, or draw) provides a transparent learning environment that sets you apart from the competition. The trading room and newsletters provide both quality education for beginning traders and valuable analysis for seasoned professionals. In the live trading room I am amazed at your ability to simultaneously conduct market analysis, execute live trades, balance the education content to benefit a large student family, and have the time and patience to address individual trader’s needs. The three daily newsletters provide quality trading education and timely, actionable market analysis. You are clearly the hardest working trading educator in the business.”

David D.

“I do not think words would be enough to express my gratitude to you for teaching me to become a better trader.

I have been with you for over a year. I learned to:

1. Be patient and wait for the right trade to come along.
2. Stop clicking the mouse for trades when I am bored. Stop over trading.
3. Put stop loss to avoid blowing my account as I did many times in the past.
4. Admit that if a trade does not work out cut out the losses and stop it. Yes, admit that I was wrong even though my trade setup was correct.
5. Listen to you because I learned something new from you every day even if you talk about the same subject or ideas.
6. To put a trailing stop whenever I am up on trade and not to go negative on a trade.
7. Not to trade around news time and the first 15 minutes of the opening
8. Know not to add in on each trade if it goes against me and blow my account.
9. Lower the size when the trade is risky and has lower probability of success.
10. Trust and believe in you that you care about your students’ family and want the best for them. You are not there to rip them of their money like others in this business.Again, Thanks a lot for your teaching and mentoring.”

Sam H.

“I’ve really been enjoying the room and learning a tremendous amount from you!! I’m a computer and database guy, so quite often the market doesn’t make sense for me. In computing or database tuning, once you hit a performance threshold, you know X will happen and performance will degrade etc. In trading, you can have the most perfect setup and it could still fail or at the least may not work as expected.

As you know, I had a horrible start in trading. I spent tons with and lost tons as well. Sadly it was all wasted money as I pretty much learned nothing. When I came to your room I had zero confidence in anything I did regarding trades. I am doing so much better in your trading room where I both learn and make a small amount of money.

Under your tutelage I’m seeing the charts a lot better (THANK YOU very much!) but I still have a long way to go. You’re helping me slowly become more comfortable and eventually I’ll be able to take intelligent trades with the confidence and knowledge you have instilled outside the trading room. I’ve been able to use your momentum shift indicator to make a little outside the trading room already. And it’s terrific how you take the time to explain your techniques and especially your thinking for each trade!! My wife Irene as said it’s like the old proverb about teaching me to fish instead of catching it for me!

All that said, I have learned a lot from you and look forward to continued growth in your room.

Thanks again for everything, Rob!!! This has been a terrific experience and education!!”

Tom S.

“Drawing from my experience in the education field, I can attest to the fact that it is a rare occurrence for an instructor to be exceedingly proficient in both their field of expertise, and their ability to help students learn.

Rob has the profound ability to guide his students through live trading strategies by integrating multiple styles of learning in a sequential format. Once every student has grasped the concept, he further reinforces the learning process through repetition of examples across various markets and multiple time frames.

His calm approach and unselfish patience has created a harmonious atmosphere in his live trading room. Rob’s International Trader Status further validates his abilities, although he is incredibly humble and giving of his time in a gracious way. When I joined his trading room this year, I was just as welcome as his veteran traders. This powerful synergy dramatically strengthened my learning curve. I have learned to approach trading with a rules-based strategy, free from the grips of emotion.”

Candace D.

“If it wasn’t for you I’d still be struggling trying to find my way around the trading “mine-field”. Your knowledge of the markets is truly uncanny and you are one of only two teachers I’ve had who I can honestly say has made a real difference in my life. I have no intention of ever learning any other instructors trading methodology ever again. I learned my lesson last year after wasting almost a thousand bucks on [another educator’s] small lot trading course last year. Looking forward to taking my trading education to the next level with the mentoring at your house next month. Thanks again for all you have done for me.”

Alan C.

“I wanted to say thank you for all you do in the live trading room and the nightly videos. It has helped me a lot over the last year or so. In particular, I enjoyed your Trade Like a Professional video #6 from December 12, 2012 regarding trading with volume. I have used this method with my equity trades for some time now but never understood the detailed rationale behind it. Your video explained this to me so that I know have a better understanding of the concept behind the trade. I like to use it with the futures especially where we have a large spike up with a quick spike down and in most cases the trend continues down, for example, at least for the near term. I know this probably constitutes a counter trend trade, but I seem to have a good deal of success when it occurs and I spot it in time.

I realize that you work a lot of hours to put everything together for us and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Just being on time everyday means a lot to me, because it is something that seems to get forgotten a lot nowadays. I haven’t talked with Tanya yet but my dealings with Sarah and you have always been very professional and responsive without a lot of delay. Trading is difficult and I by no means consider that I have conquered it, but your help has certainly put a lot more faith in my abilities to manage it better. I looking forward to yours and Randy’s option class coming up. I’m certainly a novice at options and want to attend the beginning class when it becomes available. Again, sorry for taking so long to get back with you, but a big thank you to you and your staff for the supreme effort in getting everything done and also, most of all, for being AVAILABLE !!! That means everything.”

Greg M.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I have learned from you and how much I have enjoyed knowing you. I think you are a quality person with great integrity. Characteristics that are sorely missing in so many of your competitors.

Thanks for all you have done for me.”

Phil A.

“Thank you Rob, for the wonderful training you give us in the room every day. I really haven’t done a lot of trading, as I am still hesitant, but my understanding of trading is so much clearer than a year ago. You really do give us a lot and for that I am very thankful.”

Goretti N.

“Thank you so much for your dedication to teaching.”

Josiane C.

“I did get quite a buzz from speaking to Rob yesterday evening, it certainly made my day. I now have my work cut out for me with all the material you have allowed me access too. Also a year subscription to the live Trading Room, I am overwhelmed, that is a very magnanimous gesture on your parts. Thank you.”

Jeremy G.

“Thank you Rob for sharing your experience and knowledge on how to become a consistently profitable trader. I have been trading for 5 years and have been in 5 trading rooms. None has come close to providing the learning experience as your room and none of the mentors in the trading rooms were consistently profitable as you, Rob Hoffman. You are the real deal! It is a real learning experience to see a professional trader in action. You have shown me what it takes to be a consistently profitable trader. Your discipline and analysis of the market each day has been a great learning experience. Watching you trade every day showed me what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader. My account is finally growing and I look forward to a long relationship learning your discipline and trading methods. Thank you so much for your efforts and dedication helping traders like me become consistently profitable traders.”

Bob K.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for everything. I have been a member of [Become A Better Trader] for about six months and it has been a very rewarding experience. I followed your YouTube videos for a full year before joining and the education since joining has been over the top. The 7-10 hours a day and sometimes overnight live trading rooms have been like going through trading college. What I have learned the most is how not to lose money, and for most that is more valuable than any get rich quick scheme. You treat all of your members like they are your only one and I have personally bent your ear over the phone as my trading psychologist. The indicator package you have been demonstrating live has been extraordinarily impressive. Again, I just wanted to make clear how much I appreciate your time, because I can’t imagine the amount of time this whole production takes up. I have seen plenty of people make thousands on simulators, but watching real money add up in the thousands is a lot more fun. ”

Miles M.

“I’m a fairly new member to & I can say without any doubt that I feel privileged to be a member of Robs becomeabettertrader family. It is the best move in terms of learning to trade that I have made without any doubt.

They say that many new traders look for the holy grail in trading & that it does not exist, however I have found my holy grail in Rob &

I have learned so much inside the live trading room due to Robs enthusiastic method of teaching. I am now able to read a chart within minutes & understand what i am looking for instead of spending hours sitting in front of charts going nowhere.

Inside the live trading room, it is a pleasure watching you trade your live account, watching a true professional trader go to work.

I know that providing I instil the teachings of Rob Hoffman into my trading I will become a successful Trader.

Thanks Rob.”

Mark M.

“I have learned a lot from Rob over the last 6 months. Finding has changed how I approach trading significantly. Rob is uncanny in his ability to read a chart regardless of the instrument. He has proven many times over he can pick profitable trades. Rob goes above and beyond in his commitment to his customers. Well worth the investment.”

John M.

“Of all the educational courses on trading the futures and forex markets and magic “Black Box” trading systems, none have improved my trading like Rob’s [Become A Better Trader] DVD’s and daily live trading chat room. Rob has developed a system of indicators that truly give me a leading indication of the direction of the market and provides entry signals that, if followed, puts the odds of success in my favor. I traded with Rob on his live trading chat room and paid for the service before I ever listened to a single DVD. Rob basically paid for his service, and more, via the trades he made live. Not a bad deal! Rob’s as good a trader as he is an instructor of trading. Most educators teach because they can’t do what they teach, but, with Rob you get a great education, a great system to trade, and a trader with the highest accuracy of live trading real money in the industry. He is also reachable and happy to answer any questions by phone as well as on the web. That’s rare.”

Howard W.

“Before coming into the becomeabettertrader room I was attracted to counter-trend setups because they looked like you could gain a ton of money. The only problem was when I got stopped out I would try the setup again and got stopped out again. Now I had to have many profitable trades just to break-even. Thankfully I found the becomeabettertrader room. Now I am able to trade with Rob’s setups with the trend and make many trades with practically no stop-outs. Rob is very dedicated and the hardest working professional trader on the planet. His room is open every trading day, including nights, and I get to see him trade live and with real money. Even when there are no trades to be taken he is always teaching and showing where the junior traders are getting stopped out. Truly he is a class act! He even took me out to dinner and let me ask all the questions I had. I almost forgot that the price of the becomeabettertrader room is a steal and Rob even included the DVDs for free. Thanks so much Rob! I will be a part of the room for a long time!”

Arturo L.

“Success as a professional trader is a career many seek but very few achieve. The internet and trade shows are saturated with magic trading systems and million dollar promises that lead many beginning traders in the wrong direction, making an already difficult to master profession nearly impossible to conquer.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on these gimmicks. And while this might have lead me to failure, like the 99% of others who try trading for a living, I survived. Fortunate for me, I was able to sort through all the garbage and find some real trading education that took me from near certain failure to professional trading status and success.

I have been trading for over four years now and recommend to anyone planning make trading their profession to seek a real professional trader who will put real money on the line. From my perspective the choice is clear and simple, Robert is a no nonsense, professional trader doing everyday what he loves, trading and making real money.”

Jeffrey M.

“I have not been in Rob’s room very long, just about four weeks now, but I can honestly say that I have learned more in those weeks than I had learned, or more importantly understood, over the past three years of intensely studying and searching for keys to becoming a successful trader. In addition, Rob’s room is not just a trading room of blindly calling out possible trades, but it’s truly an educational experience. Rob’s service has gone beyond my expectations as he opens his room early, stays late and frequently opens the room again in the evenings as he is following the FOREX market. Thanks Rob for all you do! Wish I would have found you three years ago.”

Joe G.

“Thank you for making my trading life an actual profitable career. You have changed the way I think and analyze a chart completely. The patience that you have has impressed me by far and has given me the ability not to want to trade everything that moves. Before your room I was so up and down with my account and now it just keeps going up. You spend so much time with your members that it seems like we are your own family. Your room is the best investment I have ever made in my trading career.”

Lance J.

“I have joined with Rob’s live trading room since July ‘ 08. From at that time, I learned so many great learning opportunities that I never find out from other real professional traders. In his live trading room, he teaches me how to read chart precisely, risk management and market psychology. I am still small contract trader but I am strongly confident, I will become a professional trader like Rob. Rob is very gentle and he always helps his students to become successful trader. One thing that Rob has impressed me is his analysis always correct. I am so proud to become one of his students. Thanks Rob.”

Samuel W.

“Before I joined your trading room, I was so inconsistent that whenever I made money in the market, I gave it all back shortly thereafter. Now, after 3 months, I am consistently growing my account and enjoying the trading greatly! The market and chart instruction have really propelled me forward, and I have gained tremendously in patience and discipline. You have also taught me excellent strategies for trading my small number of contracts in a safe way. I can’t thank you enough!”

Carol B.

“I signed up to Robert Hoffman’s becomeabettertrader as I was interested to find out what a live trading room was, not having very much idea about the real world of trading , but was contemplating the idea of trading. And wow what an experience and so fascinating. Having been in the trading room for 4 weeks , I have learn a lot , but not enough. Robert not only have a wealth of experience as a professional trader but he uses his insight into the real world of trading to constantly keep his student out of unprofitable, low probability trades. Not only have I seen him making consistent profitable trade, but I observe that Roberts has always been there to make a commitment to his student , to go the extra miles to help them and he treats his students as part of his family which I think is very important. His students are important to him just as much as his students thinks very highly of him. Anyone who considers trading as a career should give becomeabettertrader a go.”

Poh T.

“Rob, I have been trading for over two years now. 80% of the things you teach I already knew. But never made money constantly. You made it all come together. Your in depth knowledge of the the markets is amazing. But the most import thing is how you communicate it to your students. You helped me the most, not by just watching you trade. Its the way you communicate the level of risk in other trades that you don’t take. Also the level of risk, the timing and positions of trades you do take. My friends, family and I will be students of yours for many years to come. You really care for your students. Thanks for your help.”

Drosso M.

“I have been trading the markets for good number of years. All a bit here and there with no real targets or focus. Lately losses have been adding up. Then I met Robert Hoffman as teaching guru in this very narrow percentage of profitable professional traders.

His educational courses (DVD) on trading any markets (concept is important than the underlying instrument traded) and daily live trading chat room is the KEY to my success.

This success is achieved in the following manner:

1.) His live trading room shows real trades with real money.

2.) His education – website (key levels) and DVD material are very important.

3.) His trading strategies vary according to the prevailing market condition.

4.) His trading psychology is another arsenal in his trading combat.

5.) Now his chart indicators add another arrow in the trading quiver!

Above all he has a very good sense of humor – makes trading fun where required eg dead flat markets. If you are serious about trading career as a professional join our gang and learn how to be profitable consistently over long period of time!!!! Check it out and you will say ‘Why didn’t I meet this guy few months or years ago?’ This is exactly what I said! We are much obliged and grateful for all trading education joining his room every day and night – anytime! Thank you Robert”

Simon G.

“I’m a proud student of Robert and I can say without hesitation or any shred of doubt whatsoever that when his lessons are applied as taught, will bring his students success in their trading, consistently!

After nearly 10 years of unsuccessful trading and having run into more than my share of “gurus” who are out only for your monthly subscription dollar, I will say unequivocally that I have FINALLY found a really great guy who is also a trading genius – who not only generously gives up his trading secrets, he teaches them to his students! That’s right, Robert broadcasts in great detail the things many seek but never find.

Thanks to Robert, I’ve learn to read a chart like nobody else, learned to master my discipline and learned to trade the most awesome set-ups ever!

I’ve learned how a professional trader identifies a trend and trades with it successfully! I could go on and on about the fantastic tools Robert uses and teaches, but for me, one of the most valuable lessons Robert has taught me is when not to trade, when to stay out, how to discipline yourself and your trading to win, not simply participate on a hope or out of boredom.

The market that was once full of noise and confusion, now sings a sweet tune! Thank you and thank you again Robert!”

Steve O.

“Rob, the information you teach in the Live Trading Room is priceless to traders who want to make real money in the trading arena. I have been with you since the inception of, and I have personally grown in confidence and comfort level with trading. I went from Las Vegas style trading and blowing up my account, to trading for a living.WOW. I can count on one hand how many actual educators that trade a live account in front of hundreds of traders and continue to consistently make money like you do. You have made me look at the markets in a totally different way with your setups and indicators and how not to trade with the herd of traders that lose money everyday. Probably what really stands out is that you are honest and committed to all your students even if it hampers your trading. I have found a mentor and a friend who I will be indebted to you for years to come. Again, Thank You, and also thanks to Sarah for letting you spend so much time with your students. Great Trading to continue.”

Timothy E.

“I have been a long time student of Robert, originally watching his youtube videos before I even had a good idea of what the futures markets were. When the live trading room was opened, there was no question that I was going to sign up and see Robert in action. Never for a moment have I questioned my decision to sign up and participation in the live room. The knowledge and education that I have gained from Robert has been invaluable, there really is no way to put a price on the things I have learned. Robert has shown numerous types of setups that are very high probability and would have taken years to learn without his help. Without a doubt his education has taken years off the learning curve for trading. Outside of the educational aspects of the live room, Robert is truly a great person. Robert goes way above and beyond on a daily basis for all of his students, with nightly commentary, special educational presentations, and the list goes on. Robert is also a great friend and considers all of his students to be friends and colleagues. A new trader should be aware however, that no matter how much you learn from Robert it will still take a lot of time and effort to truly become a good trader. While I have learned so much from Robert in my time with him, I still have much to learn before I can become a master trader. There is no easy money, time and effort is definitely needed. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for all you have done for me and all the extra time and effort that you put in to make sure that all of your students are successful. Your dedication is amazing.”

Chris S.


“I have a learnt a lot of things from Rob. Watching him trade and the way he executes his trades has offered me a lot to learn. I wish I had this information in my earlier days. I could have avoided those major drawdowns. His deep understanding of the markets and chart reading skills are some of the best I have seen. Rob is a great teacher too and his way of explaining of concepts is very clear and crisp and leaves a lasting impression. Rob trades with real money with is very very rare. It brings a wholly new dimension in teaching people how to trade. I will highly recommend his Live trading room .In short, if you are trader who is looking for a radical improvement, then Rob’s Trading room can be of great assistance to you.”

Kris N.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity you have extended to your students in the opening of the Live Trading Room. The experience thus far has been truly outstanding. I knew the LTR was going to be educational, but being there offers me a full appreciation and benefit of your emphasis on the mental preparation, discipline, & patience throughout each trading day. The analysis and execution of live trades as you make them is truly unique. Congratulations on a wonderful room, and I look forward to being in it for years to come!”

Kevin R.

“I just wanted to write this e-mail to say Thank You. The main reason that I like your company and what you do is that I feel that the information is completely trustworthy. I started with the YouTube videos, then I bought the webinars, and now I am in the Live Trading Room. I don’t regret for one moment about spending the money for anything so far. I feel that it is one of the best things that I have ever done. After the webinar videos and before that Live Trading Room I could already tell that my trading was different. I am starting to see the risk before I even make the trade and that is something I haven’t seen taught by anyone else. I joined the Live Trading Room because I wanted to see a professional trader trading. I didn’t want someone to trade for me. Plus the community that is developing here is something special. All of the other people here are willing to help each other progress in their trading skills. The quality of my trading in just a couple of weeks of being in the Live Trading Room has improved dramatically for the better. I am a small contract trader at the moment and I don’t feel out of place at all. With the time I am spending here I know that I am going to be a big contract trader. So Thanks for everything Robert. I recommend your site to everyone who expresses interest in trading to me. I will also say this to anyone, anywhere, and anytime and in any format.”

David R.

“I have been learning from Robert Hoffman watching his youtube videos since March 2008, later through his becomeabettertrader educational videos and now am a student in the becomeabettertrader live trading room. Over the past year, my knowledge of the market has expanded by leaps and bounds, due to Robert’s great knowledge of the market and technical analysis savvy. Robert’s communication skills are second to none, he consistently explains technical analysis, market fundamentals and setups in easy to understand terms. Having met Robert he is every bit a gentleman and genuinely concerned in helping his students learn the art of trading the market. Well done Robert and I sincerely thank you for helping me on my journey of learning to trade the market.”

Jon S.

“Since I was introduced to Robert Hoffman’s trading style, I completely changed my way of trading. Now, it’s not only profitable, but enjoyable for the first time.”

Alesa H.

“It’s difficult to sum up in a few words everything of value that finding and learning from you has meant to us. What really stands out is your honest commitment and hard work towards us to give us a realistic, firm and healthy foundation from which we base our trading decisions. Seeing you in action in the live room has been a real eye opener for me and made me realize that being disciplined, consistent and keeping your head and cool is worth so much more than loads of different indicators and various set-ups. Also knowing when to stay out of the market has proved to be invaluable. I would warmly recommend anyone who wants to improve their trading skills to come to your room and take the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional trader who shows everything he does, explains why and when and takes time to answer our questions. I think what you’re doing here and the value you provide is unique Robert. Many thanks and warm regards from us in London!”

Per & Olga H.

“Attaining the level of a professional trader has been an elusive dream of mine for close to a decade now. In only a few months under your mentoring I have established this unshakable belief that I have what it takes to generate consistent profits from the markets on a daily basis. Your trading system is simple, thus allowing us to trade with a refreshingly stress-free approach in our daily trading lives. Robert, my greatest lesson learned from you lies in your mental approach to undeniably following your trading system – this alone defines you like no other as both a trader and our mentor. Thank you for opening up your “real-live” trading world and for showing us all how much you really care for those who really want to put the work into being the best traders that we now know we can be. Keep up the fun Robert.”

Niko K.

“Since I have been a student of yours since March 2008, I have gone from being totally confused by the markets to understanding how the S&P futures work, how to trade them, and I now have the ability to trade them successfully thanks to you and your honest approach. I truly feel blessed to have found you. You are the real deal.”

Chris O.

“Your live trading is awesome, it brings a whole new dimension to meaning of trading education and all who are lucky enough to experience it. This is the REAL DEAL — THE REAL TRADING ACADEMY!!”

Rizwan S.