Complete Options Course Testimonials

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“Over the past 20 years of trading, I have read over and over that the most successful options traders are writers (sellers) of options, not buyers.

Well that’s just great. So how do you become a successful writer of options? I couldn’t find any information about how to do this consistently and profitably.Until now.

Rob Hoffman and Randy Jacques have assembled in a clear, straightforward, and practical manner the very best strategies for high-probability options trading, with a focus on options writing strategies.

Combining Rob’s proven Championship winning trading set-ups with Randy’s superb Options trading skills has led to this being nothing short of a phenomenal program.

Is this a get-rich quick scheme? No. It’s a set of get-rich SLOW strategies, and it is by no means a scheme. Whether an IRA investor or a day trader, Rob and Randy show you how to build wealth steadily and sensibly, almost in the background. You can even set up good ’till cancelled orders to exit your positions when your targets are met if you cannot be in front of your computer during trading hours.

I have spent many thousands of dollars over 2 decades in investor/trading education. This is…hands down…the best money I have ever spent in this regard. I can’t even call it an expense. It has already become an investment. Only 3 months after taking the course, I have already covered my initial course costs several times over.

I just can’t say enough good about Rob and Randy’s Options Course. If you are a serious investor or trader, willing to study the materials that they provide (not just listen to them one time), you will not regret it. These strategies work, and they work with incredibly high probability. As a day trader, this has become an essential tool in my arsenal of wealth building strategies. I can only hope that you don’t let this opportunity slip away.”

Roger S.

“I did not take the complete options course, but I receive the options alerts and attend the e-webinars on Wednesday with Randy’s Q and A session.  Since I am a regular attendee at Rob’s great live trading room sessions, I benefit from the daily trading videos also. Randy does a fantastic job and puts it all together, since he has a great expertise with Rob’s directional methodology, has terrific skills with option strategies such as credit spreads, condors, etc., and selects option candidates with high implied volatility, narrow bid-offer features, and relatively high daily volume.

By diversifying his recommended portfolio over a wide range of special situations of unusual potential, he provides a very attractive risk to reward ratio.   The strategy which he employs has worked out quite well and does not require constant daily monitoring.

Thanks Rob and Randy, for a great addition and complement to Rob’s International Trading Champion daily insights.”

Jerry S.

“Being a novice options trader, the class structure allows you to build on your knowledge. Randy’s options class was great it met all my expectations and more. Having the reviews of trades gives you the opportunity to practice and review what you learned in class. For those of us that have another career, this class works trading Rob’s high probability setups and Randy’s defined risk options.”

Betsey B.

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the incredible options course you’ve put together.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been applying the high probability strategies that you teach, and I feel that this has been the “missing link” that’s allowing me to get my trading on track and moving in the right direction.  Since I’ve been applying what I’ve learned and personally seeing how well your strategies work; I can honestly say that taking your course was a “no brainer”.”

Tom D.

“Randy and Rob’s Options Trading Course will be the last Options Course you ever purchase. It covers everything from the very basics all the way to the most advanced techniques in a very easy to follow, friendly, and professional style. You can start trading with clarity and confidence in the markets as soon as you complete the course. Your days of jumping from one “system” of trading to another are over. The setups are perennial, and the risk management, and position sizing strategies work to keep you successful in the trading game for as long as you wish to play. This is truly the end all be all of Options Courses that I was looking for and I am so grateful to have found it. Thanks BBT!”

John N.

“I’m a late comer to this options group and I usually approach trade recommendations of a new class or service with caution. Being a newcomer, I’ve only taken one trade, the UVXY selling a put spread. Which closed profitable.

I also heard Randy likes to sell puts when there is a big gap down and wondered about SYMC which gapped huge on the earnings. In our email correspondence Randy explained in some detail though the gap was what we like to see, but for SYMC there wasn’t enough premium to make it a profitable trade.

I attended one weekly Wednesday session since starting. That was helpful too. Someone asked what they could do when the capital requirement of their account didn’t permit a trade. Randy explained how to handle that through buying a put and explained how it helps reduce the capital requirements.

So often we are told one of the virtues of a trader is patience. Both Rob and Randy display lots of patience in the classes,  answering people’s questions even though they may have heard it countless times before. That’s a plus when in the learning stage because, at least for me, it fosters an encouraging “safe” learning environment.”

Warren H.

“A few years ago, I was involved with an option alert service where I received trade alert by email and I executed the trade according to the instructions. I did not know what the reason behind the trade setup. Unfortunately, I did not work very well because the alerts arrived too late to get the recommended fill price. It was what I call it a PHD service (Push Here Dummy). I did not learn anything. Watching Rob in the live trading room you are keeping an eye on our option trades and alerting us of the next move. What more can one ask for.

Thanks for your good work. Because of your alerts, I closed two option trades today for more than 50% profit in 10 days. What a good way to end a trading week.

BBT Option Alert offers an excellent service for the following reasons:

1. The BBT option course paid for itself in the first couple of months of trading options with some profit left over.I spent $349 five years ago for an introduction to an option course which you covered in the first 3 hours. This course worth thousands of dollars.

2. The BBT option trading is a systematic, profitable operation. It is not a gambling slot machine.

3. You are not only trading options for a profit, you will learn and expand your knowledge about options trading every day.

4. Each option alert arrives by email within 5 minutes of recommendations with brief explanation to why to take the trade. This makes it possible to get the recommended fill price before the equity moves too much.

5. Each night we get an option video for the trade alerts explaining the reasons behind the trade. The education and learning provided by these videos are very valuable.

One cannot go wrong subscribing to the BBT Option Alert for the education, learning and best of all for the profitable trades.

Thanks Rob, Randy and the BBT team for this excellent service.”

Sam H.

“For me, Rob’s trading room plus Randy’s options class couldn’t be a more perfect combination. I am in retirement and need a supplemental source of income. I’ve traded both futures and equity options for several years, but have not achieved consistent profitability. I’ve taken two previous options classes – one too simplistic to be credible, the other too complex for me to follow, so I never placed a single trade in either class. What I’ve been looking for is a sound set of principles and guidelines I can work from to develop a trading plan, gain a sense of confidence, and create my own success. That’s what I’m getting from Rob’s foundation of powerful market analysis tools and Randy’s carefully thought out approach to options. I’ve taken 5 of the trades from Randy’s nightly videos – all winners. I’m off to a good start and it feels great.

Thank you both for what you do.”

Robin M.

“Congratulations on putting together a GREAT Options Course. I have spent thousands of dollars over the past 20 years on Options Courses and this course beats them all and we just got started! It is obvious how much hard work and passion the both of you put into creating this course. Just the lesson on Positive Theta Debit Spreads pays for the course with one trade. ”

Ron B.

“Congratulations on the options course! It was, in a word, OUTSTANDING! Randy is a great educator. His approach is methodical and well organized, starting with the building blocks and culminating with proven advanced strategies – just what is needed to build a sound foundation in the world of options trading! Randy’s approach helps the trader understand how, and why, options strategies work rather than being left to just blindly follow the “rules.” This reflects his approach to trading, and I am certain this is critical to long term success. The Rockin’ with Rob section was a blast, and nicely pulled together the top options strategies of a highly successful options trader, with some of the best high probability trade setups of a true titan in the industry – a powerful recipe for success! The course is a must for the trader launching an options trading career, and a valuable tool for the more experienced options trader looking to bring a structured, analytical approach to options trading. Thanks to Randy in particular, to Rob, and to the rest of the BBT team, for putting this course together and making it available to us. You have every reason to be proud – this product lives up to the billing and is consistent with the highest standards we have come to expect from BBT!”

John M.

“Randy is doing an incredible job teaching the options course. He is doing a superb job in his explanations and has demonstrated the patience of Job in how he clearly answers questions- sometimes multiple times in different ways to ensure clarity and understanding. This has been a fantastic opportunity to learn for a real professional. Thank you very much!!”

Harold H.

“Options training and alert services are an amazing deal. I really appreciated the 8-day training class and the attention to details while also being able to explain the concepts to beginning options traders. Much better training than I frankly expected. I will definitely tell my friends to sign up.”

Byron J.

“I wish to add my voice to the chorus of appreciative students of the options course. The depth, clarity and structure of the course are going to lay the foundation of my trading going forward. It is not the “Holy Grail” but provides a template for a process that makes a great deal of sense. Thanks Rob and Randy for your hard work and commitment to make this the best value in trading education I am aware of.”

Chris B.

“The options class was incredible. The amount of time and preparation you two put into this class is evident by the quality of the information you have provided us with. I have been to other options training seminars and yours is by far the most easy to follow and thorough. The alerts you provide are timely and I have been seeing profits since day one of the alerts. Thank you both for putting such a great class together and for the follow through that you are giving!”

Susan T.

“I’ve been great getting regular trade alerts after a wonderful option education course. I am sure rest of the student family is enjoying as much as I am!! Your return of capital calculator and trade journal tools are awesome -thanks for sharing these.”

Sudhir K.

“I can hardly believe this course. This is starting out to be better than any college course I have taken! I learned so much today (I really wished it would not have ended @1600.) most importantly I am understanding this. Randy is really teaching this beautifully….slow, to the point, beautiful examples, and just continues to go over items that people have problems understanding. One cannot ask for more! Can’t wait till 0900 in the morning.”

Marcia M.

“Great start to the options course! Some of the slide will make it to the wall above my trading computer. I cannot wait to get into the more practical stuff. Thanks!”

Paul M.

“Randy & Rob, this has been great! If we stopped at the end of day two, I would consider it worth the money. Many gaps in my knowledge have already been filled.

Very excited for an entire week+! Great!”

Andrew L.

“Great Job, I learned more the 1st two days than I learned in two years of studying in my spare time. Thanks for the great work.”

Merko M.

“Randy, you are an artist at work. After years of studying options they are starting to make sense (cents). I admire your tenacity and erudition. Thank you so much. The course is a gem of perfection.”

Josiane C.

“I have traded options for a number of years and your work combined with Rob’s analysis and indicators is going to take my trading to new level. The course is very thorough and practical. I am really looking forward to managing trades and leveraging Rob’s work for better entries and exits. This is course is a MUST for anyone considering trading options. Thanks Randy & Rob!!”

Jeff W.

“The experience and professionalism represented in the course is top notch. Randy it’s clear the depth and breadth of your knowledge, and in support of other postings, the value you are bringing is clear and actionable. And as always Rob, you don’t disappoint…real trading, real money, and REAL EDUCATION. Keep up the good work and keep building an embracing community. It all fits together nicely.”

John S.

“Trying to learn options by reading books has left me frustrated in the past, so I eventually gave up on them. Randy and Rob have done a very good job of bringing out the essence of options learning by teaching what we need to know to succeed. I appreciate Randy’s patience in answering all the questions and making sure we understand each section. Thanks for this great opportunity of learning”

Ed W.

“This is my first shot with trying to learn options trading. This course feels like a great start to new opportunities for me. I can’t wait to start using the techniques and strategies we have been learning.”

Dan M

“I have entered 19 Practice trades using your setups and closed out 9 of them for profits, the other 10 are still open per the strategy.

Awesome course Thanks!”

Merko M.

“Really great job! The course was amazing, the two day follow-up class was the icing on the cake. It tied everything together. And now all the alerts. Really good stuff. I’m excited about trading again.”

Kehtani M.

“Great class, Randy, very well explained. I’ve already studied options quite a bit, but I’m most interested in your personal rules developed over the years… the voice of experience. Keep up the great work.”

Beverly P.

“I have studied options on my own took an options class at a certain three letter taj mahal in Alabama and stopped trading options because I never could avoid big losses. Randy’s knowledge and experience is clear, the presentation is excellent and combined with Rob’s work on market direction has me excited about adding options back into my tool box.”

Mickey D.

“This has been a great class so far. Jam packed with options theory, practical applications, and trading strategies. Randy your teaching ability, patience in answering all of our questions, and the knowledge and experience you are sharing with us is greatly appreciated. Both yours and Rob’s dedication and passion for trading and teaching are unsurpassed. I am confident after this class is over that I will be able to apply what I have learned and over time become a profitable options trader. I am going to be watching the videos over and over again as they are jam packed with a wealth of information. But for me what really set’s this course apart is the 8 weeks of follow-up question and answer sessions and the trade alerts so we can see firsthand what Randy considers a good trade. After we have had time to fully absorb all this information, you are giving us 2 months of your time to make sure we fully understand all that we have been taught. Thanks to Sarah as well for turning around the course videos so quickly so we can review what we have learned each day. I am truly grateful to have been a part of this options course. Thank You!”


“I’m enjoying the options course. It is organized, practical, and full of important content. I have traded options for years, but am learning a number of new ideas. Also, am able to refine my trading plan and style. Worth every penny. It is obvious much time has been spent preparing and presenting the course. Privileged to be a part of the class.”

Donna D.

“Thank you to Randy (and Rob) for presenting an outstanding course. Unlike other option teachers/traders, Randy has a structured, quantifiable approach to options trading compared to others “shoot from the hip” when placing trades. For those students who missed this session, be sure to sign up for future sessions!”

Dave B.

“I wanted to express my appreciation on being a part of Randy’s weekly options alert videos. Randy helped me turn a potential loser with LULU into a winner by managing the position since the recommended trade was made in early February to take a PUT spread position. With my trading account, I can only do spread trades and when I made the initial Put spread trade in early February, LULU announced an earning warning the following trading day and the stock rolled over. Randy, discussed how he would manage his PUT position through March and April and answered questions on selling a call spread to pay for an April PUT spread position. Yesterday, LULU announced earnings and the stock spiked and with Randy’s mentoring, I turned a position that was down several thousands of dollars into a winning position and made a thousand. I continue to bounce ideas off Randy at his weekly option alert session and am a firm believer that he is bringing value to my monthly subscription. Thanks again!”

Jerry C.

“Congratulations on a very very good options course. Thank you Randy, Rob and all at BBT, the efforts you all put into Randy’s options course was much appreciated.

Fantastic course, I really enjoyed it. The course was very well structured taking the content from beginner to advanced incorporating Rob’s ideas and approach to trading. Randy has clearly put in a lot of effort to put together such a well-balanced course.”

Ian T.

“I was not fortunate to go through the live Options Course but am slowly going through the videos and am learning an awful lot – Have been trading options for some time but am learning a lot of the intricate nuances of options trading from Randy in these sessions.


As far as the Options Alert goes, I find them very useful. With these trades and trade alerts, you giving us both the entries end exits. Extremely valuable for someone like me who is not able to trade on a daily basis.

One thing that would make this even better is a short rationale for the trade when you recommend opening a new trade.

Keep up the good work.”

P. R. Patel

“The main reason I value the options alerts is that I can see in real-time what Randy considers a high probability options trade and why he decided to take the trade. I am a big fan of learning to fish rather than being given a fish, which is why I took the options course in the first place. It has been highly beneficial for me to see the situations and setups that Randy is looking for and then being alerted to those trades. The options videos explain quite clearly the trade setup and target of each option trade. It has been very helpful to be able to see the trade process from start to finish, so that in time I can start fishing for myself. If you are searching for consistent profitable options trading results, superior teaching, and excellent customer service, then look no further.  You will find no better place to achieve all the above then at Become A Better Trader. I have been with BBT for over two years now, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Congratulations!  Your search is over. Now get ready to take your trading to the next level!”

Kevin G.

“The options alerts are great you get the trade that Randy took and he explain it in a video at night. Great stuff you just didn’t get in a trade because he told you but he explain the set up behind it.

If you want to trade option this is the best place to be. This will help any level of trader who trade option getting Randy`s alert and using Rob set up this is the best combination.

Thanks Randy you do an awesome job!!!! ”

Andre P.

“The trade alert videos are icing on the cake. This helps tie everything together. Randy actually explains why and how it gets into real trades. Really good job.”

Khetani M.

“Thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation for Randy’s Options Alerts. I am very pleased to learn it might be continued as a separate service. I have been trading most of the alerts so far (except the debit trades), getting close to Randy’s prices most of the time, or even better in some cases. My objective in taking the course has been to learn to do my own analysis, using Randy’s and Rob’s successful methods. Right now, however, my partner and I are on an extended vacation road trip (which is why I haven’t been in the room a lot). It’s great to have the alerts as a backstop to provide a cash flow as I continue to learn, and during times when our travels prevent watching the markets on a regular basis.”

Robin M.

“I was in the right place at the right time when I first learned about Randy’s Complete Options Course. It is well above the industry standard by teaching us how to analyze and problem-solve on our own; light years beyond the norm.

Randy further stepped up my confidence several levels after finishing his Complete Options Course by providing a unique combination; an invaluable Nightly Video supporting the Options Alert, plus an email commentary that further supports the trade. His explanation of subtle nuances makes all the difference in a spot on analysis. The addition of this supportive information has helped me exponentially boost my analysis to a higher level. As a result, this guidance allows me to understand when high probabilities are in my favor. My former anxiety level has been transformed into a positive comfort zone due to Randy’s caring attitude and level of expertise as an outstanding instructor.”

Candace D.

“Become A Better Trader Options Alerts Service through its Messages and Educational Videos delivers both high probability trades unique to options and the rationale for taking them based on Rob Hoffman’s Multiple Time Frame Market Analysis. With Randy Jacques’ disciplined position management, this has already proven to be a powerful and reliable combination.”

Alex L.

“I’ve taken many courses and have spent thousands of dollars on options. Randy’s course is by far the most comprehensive that I have completed. I don’t regret taking those other courses because had I given up because of their shortcomings I would never have been introduced to Become A Better Trader. They were just a “piece of the puzzle” to bring me to you. Randy has filled in the holes that the other courses have left me with. He’s as wonderful teacher and his follow-up trades and recordings have added to my education tremendously.  I love his explanations as to why he took certain option trades. I hope to be a “Randy” someday. All of Randy’s trades are a matter of record.  They are published as soon as possible after execution, to give us an idea as to what price we can expect to receive, and shared with us . Randy’s success is a result of consistently following his methodology and trading experience based on Rob’s indicators. I have no hesitation recommending BBT’s all-encompassing Options course.”

Edward G.

“The Options Course and Options Alert are fantastic! They really helped me build the “Market Big Picture” they also really helped cure my tendency to Overtrade or make bad entries in a low probability trade because. I learned more in a week than two years of studying!”

Stephen M.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the options training class I took in June, 2013. I am new to Rob’s work and had just had just enrolled in the live trading and purchased the professional trading series. I am amazed at the accuracy of Rob’s work but, with the abundance of information Rob provides I was having some difficulty absorbing everything. Rob and Randy’s option class has helped to pull it all together for me as well as pay for the class. Although I’m sure there may be losing trades…I’ve yet to see one. All of Randy’s trade alerts are timely, accurate and successful. I am steadily increasing my knowledge of Rob’s work and while studying Rob’s many setups, entries and exits among the other great work he so graciously share’s I am generating a steady flow of income from Rob’s alerts. I would highly recommend Rob and Randy’s option course, to anyone who is serious about making well informed trades with moderate to high profits and very limited risk.”

Susan T.

“I just wanted to say how important the options alerts are to me, Although I have not yet started to trade options (as I do not have an options account) I find them a particularly good way of relating Rob’s trading strategies with Randy’s excellent approach to options. They are also a good indication as to what options to watch and how to implement Randy’s option strategies.”

Ian T.

“I wasn’t able to join the options course when it was first offered, but soon realized that, when given another opportunity, I had to sign up. From the side lines I was seeing success when trading was really difficult for a lot of traders. I knew then using Rob’s in site and Randy’s carefully calculated strategies that this was an excellent to build wealth creation. In the past I realized that Rob’ courses were very fair and this is no exception. Randy also had been working very hard to make this a great success and the knowledge will put everyone on the fast track to wealth building.

Being in a trade with your alerts all I can say is what perfect timing. This is way more than you ever promised. Thanks so much, I’ve spent 60 K before and this could have saved be from that. Absolutely fantastic, 38 trades 2 losses for a 94.7 % success rate. Nothing else to say So if anyone isn’t convinced maybe that would help them decide. I’m hooked! Thanks so much for really helping us so much in our quest for consistency.”

Bruce P.

“The options alert service has been great! I’ve received 4 opening trade alerts in the 4 days since I signed up! It’s awesome to receive actionable trade alerts for the money I’m spending on the alert service, and it is well worth it! The best thing about the alerts is, they’re not just trade alerts, they come with an explanation as to the setup that is being traded as well! Keep up the great work Randy!”

Bruce C.

“I just wanted to let you know that I learned A LOT from Randy’s options course! Thank you for doing that for us (your students)!!!

And now the trade alerts that he’s sending out really help me, a newbie, see how a trade would be structured and then also gives me a chance to watch it play out. I’m only using a simulator account right now till I get my feet under me as far as the mechanics of it all. And I re-listen to the course recordings a lot too. It is all very, very interesting and I can see how it will be very, very profitable too…once I feel comfortable with the mechanics of it all.

Thank you so much for helping me learn about options trading.”

Judith W.

“I recommend Randy’s option course. I have taken courses from others in the industry and his is the best overall return on your time and money for the amount of effort expended based on my experience. Randy has a great teaching style just like Rob and is good to ensure your questions are answered. If you have never had an options course, this is the one to take first because it starts at the beginning and goes to an advanced level in a more expedited and practical fashion than many others in the industry. More experienced options traders can potentially learn some tips and finer points from Randy’s trading experience and some of Rob’s trading setups applied to options. The weekly practical application classes after the course and trading alerts are a plus to see how to best enter, exit, and manage live trades in various market conditions.”

Angela G.

“I “Randy is an outstanding and dynamic instructor. He explains the material clearly, answers questions thoroughly, communicates common errors/trading mistakes of which to be aware of, and makes learning fun at the same time. He has the amazing ability to make something that appears so complicated to options student so simple.

His ability to connect with individuals on any level and explain the material is fantastic. He is doing a terrific job at presenting the material in a manner that is always interesting and that kept everyone in the class engaged. Can’t possibly be more satisfied. Great style. Very encouraging and upbeat. Demonstrates immense passion for the business and for teaching.”

Salma K.