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  • Participate in the Live Trading Room, where you’ll get the inside scoop on Rob’s thought process in daily trading, have exclusive live access to him as he goes through his daily trading routine, and be able to follow along with him as he assesses the market.
  • Enjoy the Quarterly Trader Bootcamp experience, with more live access to Rob, the ability to ask questions or get feedback on strategies that you have been using in your trades, and receive an inside view into the decision-making process and approach that Rob uses in his actual trading.
  • Be able to utilize our download library, containing the latest in Rob’s templates and guides to using his methods, as well as essential tools to get you set up for success, all at the click of a button.


Too many traders struggle with a feeling of being constantly overwhelmed...

If you’re one of those traders, it’s important that you know that you are not alone.

In fact, this is a common problem (with a simple solution) that just about all traders experience at some point in their career.

You ALSO need to know that there’s a very specific reason you feeling constantly overwhelmed...

It's good for business.

You read that right...

The gut wrenching uncertainty…

That gnawing doubt in the pit of your stomach…

Even the constant second guessing that so many traders struggle with on a daily basis…

All these terrible feelings are actually things that institutions and “big trading” companies want you to experience.

That’s because the more overwhelmed and confused you feel, the better — and more profitable — things are for companies on the other side of your losing trades.

Unfortunately, we’re talking about the “big trading” industry as a whole.

Those companies with unscrupulous wealth managers and brokers who want you trading as much as possible because they get paid based on volume, whether you win or lose.

And big institutions and traders who usually wind up on the opposite side of your trade and benefit from your pain.

These guys make their money off you reacting to headlines and market moves instead of doing things the right way — what I like to call intentional trading.

That means trading at the right time for the right reason.

It’s also why some of those same individuals encourage you to believe a few prevalent myths about trading success...

Myths About Trading Success

MYTH: Successful traders are born with some special ability makes trading easy.

FACT: Every trader struggles with confidence at multiple points in their career. And just about ALL traders lack confidence at the beginning of their journey. That’s great for these companies who see you as a piggy bank, because the more you doubt yourself, the more likely you are to start panicking and making bad trades that they can cash in on.

MYTH: Successful traders rarely lose.

FACT: Successful traders lose just like everyone else. But how we lose can define success. No trader in history has ever been perfect. But successful trading isn’t about not losing, or even about winning more than you lose. It’s about successful risk management and being disciplined, so that losing trades don’t wipe out your account, and winning trades net you maximum profit. But by preying on your feelings of inadequacy, of feeling like you need to be winning all the time, these companies sell you overpriced advice, all while promising that the next one "is gonna be a winner for sure." Strangely, they never seem to be risking their money on these “sure things”.

MYTH: Successful traders are fearless.

FACT: Everyone has some level of fear when trading. It’s natural to be worried -- even just a little bit -- when money is on the line. And that’s a GOOD thing. Fear keeps us from making stupid decisions that could cost us dearly. But fear of pulling the trigger, fear of failing at all, of a single loss… Well that plays right in favor of companies who want to monetize your fear.

MYTH: Successful traders have "perfect strategies" that work in any market condition

FACT: "Perfect" does not exist in trading. However, utilizing PROVEN strategies is critical to your trading success. But thinking that any ONE strategy works for any market and any timeframe… Well, that’s how advisors make their commissions. The best proven systems come from the best proven traders. And that’s something the big companies don’t want you to focus on, because it’s much easier for them to throw a lot of money at slick marketing and take advantage of all your fears about trading.

But Here's the Truth

No matter who you are, what you’re trading, or even how much money you start trading with, your trading journey will have three key stages.

Stage 1
First, you'll lose.
Stage 2
Then you’ll lose less, and start breaking even.
Stage 3
You finally start winning.

Stage 1: First, you’ll lose. 

A lot. You’ll have to deal with you feeling constantly overwhelmed mentioned above thanks to all the info dropped on you… You may not know who to trust, or how to validate some so called “guru’s” claims… You probably won’t even know where to start. It’s at this point that many new traders invest in random indicators and strategies that conflict with each other and may not even be right for your style of trading (or your account size). You’ll likely struggle with consistency, spending too much time guessing on your trades because you have no clear plan to work from. Eventually you’ll settle on a clear plan, and that can give you the confidence you need to pull the trigger and move to the next stage...

Stage 2: Then you’ll lose less, and start breaking even.

Losing vs losing less may not seem like much of a distinction to some people -- especially when we’re talking about a separation of stages in your trading journey -- but breaking even is a huge step forward. Don’t sell it short. (trading pun intended) One big issue no one ever mentions is "trading embarrassment." This is when you have to hide your trades from everyone, even (especially) your wife or husband because of how damaging the trade was for one reason or another. And that’s most common in stage 1. Once you start breaking even, that embarrassment, that shame… it just sort of vanishes. And that’s a huge milestone in your path to trading success. Keep this up and eventually you’ll hit stage 3...

Stage 3: You finally start winning.

Now you’ve fine-tuned your risk management, becoming a disciplined trader consistently able to identify high probability setups at a glance. Your account may grow. You may move closer to your financial goals. And instead of hiding your trades, you’ll brag about them instead. Three stages may not  seem like much of a journey, but the amount of time it takes to move through those steps can be the difference between retiring on the beach with a drink in your hand, or spending your golden years greeting customers at WalMart to supplement your income.


The key to becoming a better trader is simple...

Shorten that 3-stage journey as much as possible. Prioritize your trading plan. Find the right mentor. Look past the “hype” and identify PROVEN traders to find proven strategies. Be intentional in your trading, and good things will happen.


You can keep doing the same things you’re doing now. Keep guessing on your trades. Keep throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. And hey, maybe you’ll get lucky and grab a couple big wins. But most likely, you’ll keep losing. You’ll keep hoping to just break even.

You’ll dump money on new strategies and indicators without ever figuring out how or why they aren’t working for you. Every day spent trying to figure it out on your own is another backwards move taking you another step away from that Malibu beach house you dream about.. You’ll deal with the same job…

Same bills… Same routine. And you’ll keep dreaming about missed opportunities.


You can take action. Look, you may be struggling simply because no one ever showed you how to properly trade. That means you’ve never had the reliability of a proven mentor there to guide you through every step of your trading journey.

Someone who wants to see you succeed, not someone who just wants to encourage you to trade more because they have a personal interest in using you as a steady commission stream… That kind of guidance used to only be available to the ultra-wealthy — which is a big reason why so many people assume that it has to cost tens of thousands of dollars… The ‘big trading’’ industry DEFINITELY wants you to think that.

But it’s just not true. You can get world class coaching, guidance, and mentorship without the heavy price tag that used to come with that kind of trading leadership.

Imagine what you could do with an elite mentor guiding your trading...

Let’s fast forward even one year. Picture yourself breaking out of stage 1, leaving behind all the trial and error that comes with being a new trader. Forget breaking even, now you’re more likely to win. Your account can even grow by now to the point that you’re pulling out profits. You can be on your way to funding your retirement. Towards making sure the grandkids are taken care of…

And the best part?

You’re doing it all in just an hour or two a day.

My name is Rob Hoffman, and I’ve won more real-money trading championships than anyone in the world.

And if anyone ever tells you they’ve won more, we will happily get on a call with you and prove it with facts! Because facts don’t lie. My strategies are so thoroughly tested and proven that I went head to head against a sophisticated, HIGHLY profitable trading artificial intelligence — and beat the snot out of it. These strategies have been fine-tuned over 20+ years of trading. But I wasn’t always a trader.

Long before I began my mission of protecting the BBT community’s trade accounts, I was protecting a much different community — as a police officer. That time spent in law enforcement taught me some critical lessons about discipline that helped shape my trading success. As a police defensive tactics instructor, I learned the importance of having a plan. Of staying level-headed in unfamiliar situations… And ESPECIALLY the value of never letting fear be the guiding force behind my decision-making.

As a defensive tactics instructor, I dealt with the worst of the worst… the most dangerous prisoners going back and forth from prison to local municipalities for court appearances were assigned to me. It was on ME to be the guy planning multiple steps ahead because of my training.

Fast forward 20+ years, and the types of calls I respond to today sure have changed! But the mindset hasn’t. That focus on planning and follow-through are why I am the only American to ever win the prestigious, world-renowned Salon Du Trading competition. And I’ve won it not once, or even twice, but FOUR times.

The importance of paying attention to small details, combined with decades of trading experience are why I won the Paris Trading Triathlon -- even though it involved using instruments -- and times of the day -- outside my typical trading. Winning without my standard instruments was an opportunity to prove just how effective my strategies are. Because frankly,  if a strategy only works for a single instrument, and only in very specific circumstances, well that’s just not much of a strategy in my book. And definitely not something I would share with others.

There’s a reason I only compete in real-money trading competitions (and why I win about 9 out of 10 of them). That’s definitely more than luck. When there’s no real money or personal stake on the line, people trade differently. With actual personal funds on the line, real-money trading competitions show you how traders respond to adversity.

I’ve proven time and again that while some traders are satisfied with “talking the talk”, I “walk the walk.” That’s why I’ve got 30 championships on my mantle. But I also use these championships to prove what works and show my students real, implementable methods to become more consistent in their trades without having to rely on gimmicks.

So I guess you could say that those trading championships are part of my mission: to change as many lives as possible through trading education. That mission is why I started BecomeABetterTrader.com. Since I founded BBT in 2007 we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world get access to the information they need to become better traders. Now I’d like to invite you to become a BBT Insider and start trading like a champion today.

Let’s go back to that key decision I talked about earlier… You can make one choice to set you down the path you deserve. To give you the knowledge you need to move closer to the results you want. To give you back the hours so many traders waste every day staring at overwhelming charts on a computer screen. One decision can give you the tools you need to finally achieve your financial goals. That decision may very well be to accept this invitation to join the Become a Better Trader VIP Insider family. That’s because BBT Insiders have an edge over other traders.

Why do BBT Insiders have such a big advantage over other traders?

To put it simply, they’ve got a true, PROVEN mentor guiding their trading. They get PROVEN, award-winning strategies that help them trade better, faster. And they get the ongoing support and analysis they need to stay ahead of the market. Now, you can get those same advantages when you join BBT Insider today.


  • BBT Premium Market Analysis Videos ($197 monthly value)

BBT Insiders get training videos directly from a 30x trading champion.. You’ll get an inside glimpse into BBT strategies, seeing them in action and learning exactly what to look for (and when) so that you can make profitable trades of your own. These exclusive videos are delivered directly to your inbox to watch as often as you like, whenever you like. You’ll better understand BBT’s powerful, proven strategies and get inside knowledge from someone who’s been active in the market for over 20 years.

With BBT’s market analysis videos, you’ll have all the info you need to be fully prepared for your next trading day, giving you the confidence you need to consistently identify winning trades and stay ahead of the market.

  • Market Monday Weekly Live Training Sessions ($197 monthly value)

As a BBT Insider, you get to join me LIVE every Monday for exclusive, members only in-depth training that goes beyond just what’s covered in the BBT videos and education resources. This is your chance to get direct access to me and ask any questions on your mind so that you can remove any obstacles blocking your trading success.

I’ll directly address your questions and concerns, look at live markets, discuss opportunities and resistance, and deep dive on issues that are a concern to you and your fellow students. These no fluff, value-packed presentations are a big part of the reason why so many students stay on as members for years, many becoming close friends.

Market Mondays are also where we introduce new trading ideas and concepts, so you’ll have new opportunities to improve your trading every single week with my latest winning tactics and setups being used in the markets right now.

  • BBT Live Trading Room (Priceless)

As a BBT Insider, you get to join me in our Live Trading Room three times a month. You’ll get a live trading play-by-play as I assess the market and make my moves right in front of your eyes from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll get the inside scoop on my daily trading thought process, get exclusive live access to me as I go through my daily trading routine, and follow along as I assess the market in real time. Plus, I’ll take your questions live, helping you put these tactics to use in your own successful trading.

This access is ONLY to the BBT Insider family and not available anywhere else.

  • BBT Educational Download Vault ($3,997 value)

The BBT Vault is a repository of resources available exclusively to BBT Insiders. Even at the retail price, it’d be a steal.

Because it’s here that you can find key tools that I use in my own daily trading, checklists and diagrams for a successful trade, my starter indicators to get you up and running right now regardless of the trading platform you use, and so much more. This is a true goldmine of trading resources with my latest templates, complete with guides to using my methods.

With the vault, you’ll have access to tools and information that can significantly improve your trading results.

  • Quarterly 3-Day BBT Intensive Trading Bootcamp ($497 quarterly value)

The BecomeABetterTrader ‘Intensive’ is a 3-Day bootcamp for traders who want to accelerate their trading success. The classroom may be digital, but the training is very real. This bootcamp is called “The Intensive” because we cover quite a bit of information over the course of the camp. 3 full days of world-class trading education broken up into 6 sessions.

Every day will be split into two parts: First I trade, then I teach! It starts with our Market Mornings.

Each morning, you can watch over my shoulder as I review and analyze markets in real time, giving you unfiltered insights and thoughts from one of the best traders in the industry in real time. After a quick break so that everyone can stretch their legs, BBT Intensive switches to Afternoon Deep Dive -- the nitty gritty training sessions.

Here’s where we cover:

  • My top strategies (and how to execute them yourself)
  • Exactly how I leverage those strategies
  • Specific tactics you can implement into your trading today

Plus, I’ll answer questions live, giving you direct, unfiltered access to a 30X real-money trading champion. It’s your chance to ask ANY trading questions on your mind and get direct help to overcome the hurdles blocking your trading success.

This is as close to one on one coaching with me as you can get outside of being in the same room together.

Now you can get the same benefits and value that our members have by joining them as a BBT Insider today. Individually, the different pieces of your BBT Insider membership retail for about $5,000. And that’s not counting the priceless BBT Live Trading Room.

But the purpose of BBT is to help as many people as possible, not charge as much as possible. Because unlike those guys who are all about profiting from your fear and volume of trades (win or lose), it’s in my best interest to see you win; to see you trade intentionally, so that you stay a BBT Insider for years to come.

That’s why you’re not paying $5,000 today.

In fact, you’re not paying anywhere near that. You can become a BBT Insider for just $197 a month! $197 for direct access to a 30x trading champion.

For direct access to a collection of trading tools and courses specifically designed to get you started, and resources that retail for tens of thousands of dollars… For special events and live trading not even available outside of BBT members…

For the dynamic BBT Intensive Trading Bootcamp that retails and gets sold for $497 on its own every quarter! For ongoing support.

For premium market analysis delivered right to your inbox. For proven strategies from the world’s most proven trader.

BBT Insiders get SO much value out of their membership that it’s a no brainer to join the BBT Insider family and trade like a champion today.

WARNING: This membership is not for everyone.

I stay on the cutting edge of the market, not the bleeding edge. And that helps our Insiders do the same. They use me as an insurance policy for access to strategies that work for whatever market we’re facing . But BecomeABetterTrader’s Insider group is about so much more than just trading. We are a community of traders (led by the world’s most proven trader) who work together to help each other improve. Many of our members develop friendships and relationships outside of the community.

And we’re proud of that.

That’s why we’re selective about who can become a BBT Insider.

BBT Insider may NOT be for you if you:

✅ Are not willing to 'do the work'

✅ Are looking for an overnight miracle

✅ Are not willing to listen and be respectful of others

However, you should ABSOLUTELY join BBT Insider if you: 

✅ Are taking losses you know can be avoided

✅ Want to find consistent wins  are seeking more consistency, searching for more consistent wins.

✅ Are committed to improving your trading success

✅ Want to discover the exact strategies it takes to win 30 trading championships

Our community matters.

And I’d really love for you to be part of that community.

So click the button below now and become a better trader today.